How to Refresh and Recharge Your Retail Business Overnight

Retail is tough around the world and retailers are looking for ways of standing out in the crowded marketplace. Small business retailers are especially in need to ways to refresh and re-vitalize their businesses.

With careful planning, a limited budget and all of your team on board, it is possible to close at your regular time one evening and open with a fresh shopping experience the next morning.


1. List the things you would like to change overnight. Be sure to focus on what is actually achievable in the time available.
2. Get your team together and have a brainstorming session on what you could achieve in six hours which completely refreshes the business.
3. If you have the budget, arrange new uniforms for employees, have posters made promoting different departments in the store and create a newsletter which features the new focus of the business.
4. In the week before the overnight refresh, run a sale to clear out old stock which you do not want in the refreshed business. Also, de-clutter the storeroom and parts of the business where your advance work would not be obvious to your customers.
5. Round enough people to get the job done in six hours. The refresh is as much about how refreshed you are the next morning as it is about the work you get done in-store/
6. Create reasonable to-do lists for everyone involved. Make sure that the list is long enough to be achieved yet long enough to have everyone working hard.


The counter. Create a different look. Cleaner, fresh and enticing. Start by taking everything off, completely cleaning the counter and rebuilding from scratch.

Behind the counter. Create a very different look and feel. This is an often overlooked part of a retail store. It is one of the best places to achieve an impulse purchase decision.

The front window. Create a vibrant new display unlike anything you have done before.

From the front door in. Introduce fresh looking offers which from the moment shoppers enter the store they feel and see the difference.

Inside the store. Take down unnecessary signs, make sure that all lights are working and look the same, move whole departments from one location to another, reprice product in a new price strategy is part of the change.

Declutter. As much as possible move the store around the make browsing easier and more enjoyable.

As an additional suggestion, consider letting your customers know that you are planning some major changes overnight. Maybe even have an unveiling in the morning, or open a couple of hours later to shake things up just that bit more.

The keys with an overnight refresh of your retail store is to be bold in the store and bold with your team. Make sure that everyone from the top down and all of your customers and suppliers have a new experience with your business following the refresh.

Refreshing the store is as much about your customers as it is about you. By creating a fresh looking environment you are helping the business discover new customers and help existing customers spend more.

How to Make Extra Money Online – 3 Awesome Tips to Supercharge Your Online Business Overnight

Just the other day, my close buddy Jim gave me a call “Dude, I have been fired” and needless to say, he was very upset. It affected me as well because with the economy in tantrums, it makes living even more difficult.

Fortunately this is an era where you can make a full time living online. Here are 3 awesome tips on how to make extra money online.

1. Viral Marketing: Are you a computer program or are you an expert in any niche or do you know information in any topic that can be of great use to people? If so, you have all it takes to make a killing online. And the great thing about providing something of value to people is that once they like it, they will be such raving fans of your content that you need very little marketing from your end.

Here are some examples of viral marketing concepts.

a. Design Widgets Online- These can be widgets like pregnancy counter widgets, calendar widgets, weight loss widgets etc.

b. Free Reports- These can be on any topic that people are interested in and more importantly on topics that they are willing to spend money on.

2. Creating Information Products: You can sell information products online on a variety of topics. The most important thing is to make sure that you are writing for a buying market. Some examples of these markets are weight loss, dating, business and consultation, skincare etc. You can sell these information products in the form of pdf reports, audios, videos, offer seminars etc.

3. Selling Other People’s Products: By selling other people’s products, you can quickly jumpstart your business by earning some quick cash online. There are programs that allow you to sell other people’s products and send you timely payments as well.

Some of these programs are

a. Clickbank
b. Amazon
c. eBay
d. Commission Junction

Triple Your Online Business Overnight Using a Viral Marketing Strategy!

In simple words online viral marketing is a act of doubling or even tripling the number of the prospects, clients or subscribers you have. It happens with the small number of persons that that you come in contact with. The principle that works behind this concept is word of the mouth.

Online viral marketing strategy is constantly being used by many online marketers of present times. One of the pioneer of online viral marketing is hotmail. It has become so famous with its online viral marketing strategy that all the online viral marketers are trying to copy the success of hotmail.

The strategy that hotmail adopted was very simple. It just offered free email accounts to people at times when each and everything in the world comes with a price tag. It also offered people access to secured mail server. In the starting the hotmail advertised about its offer of free email. At that time about 100 people immediately availed this service.

But this number of 100 people multiplied in a very short duration and it all happened just because of the small link that used to be at the end of every free email of the persons who has availed the service. It was the link that stated that every person who wants to have free email with hotmail just requires to click on that link. It proved very effective. Just imagine that if hotmail delivers about one million free emails to its subscribers then in simple words it means that hotmail is reaching to one million people everyday.

It is just numbers. This service started with only 100 people but this service got materialized by lots of free email subscribers. And in this way hotmail reached lots of people throughout the world in a very short duration.

This example clearly states that the best online viral marketing strategy is to offer something for free. It can be some product or service. It does not matter that what ever you are offering for free. But the thing that is important is that thing should be absolutely free. In modern times you can’t befool any person by offering something that is supposed to be free but in actual has some hidden price.

The word “free” is perhaps the most powerful in the dictionary of marketing. The general tendency of the people is to move to such places where they can something free. The other things that attract people are the cheap and inexpensive things. But this comes after the free stuff. If something is being offered free in the market then the waves of this news would spread among the people at very fast speed.

In case you want your product or service to reach the market at fast speed and in an easy manner then you should always use online viral marketing strategy.