Executive Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration provided by Business School aims to meet the needs of those who are embedded in the managerial life and wish to continue with their training and updating.

The curricular content of the program consists of two core courses: Decision Making, which includes ethics as a backbone for management action, and Ethics and Quantitative Methods, which includes the use of technology as a support tool for designing and analyzing business decision models.

It also contains the topics of Economic Analysis and Policy Analysis, permitting the development of techniques, methods and skills to interpret and predict the functioning of economic and political environment surrounding the company.


Finally, students in this Masters will attend courses and Business Process Management Strategy, which will serve as a vehicle integrators to the above topics to strengthening the capacity to design and implement the company strategy in terms of markets and products.

Admission requirements include being over 30 years and have five years management experience minimum. The selection of candidates is based on relevant work experience, potential for growth, clarity of purpose or reason to join the program and their interest or motivation to perform in a rigorous academic environment

The Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) have as their target audience to those executives and entrepreneurs who wish to broaden their knowledge and management skills, and who want have access to cutting-edge tools useful for the generation of innovative and successful strategies, applicable on a global business.

The program duration is two years and consists of 18 courses, of which 15 are held in alternate weekends. Each of the three years remaining, performed intensively with a week of classes in China, India and the U.S.. It is therefore indispensable English language proficiency. During this period, there will be visits to multinational corporations, fostering interaction with executives from other countries and learn about the environment and business practices of leading companies worldwide.

Three Easy Ways to Expand Your Home Business Overnight

Did you know that 98% of the time a person’s failure is because of his or her lack of effort and lack of knowledge rather than the home business industry like so many rookie business owners like to claim?

Over the weekend, I was doing some studying on ways that people can become greater in life. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m the one person in the home business industry that defends the people that don’t make a nickel and I stand up and fight to find ways to remove the shackles from these people so they can go out there in the land of the free and become successful home business owners. While I was doing some research, I found three easy-to-use ways that anybody can use to create a successful home business. I like to call them my three little home business success tips.

The first one that I will cover I like to call the DNA excuse. The DNA excuse is something we all tell ourselves that actually stops us from achieving success and reaching levels we never thought possible. If you’ve ever had a talk with somebody in the home business industry and really listened to the words that came out of their mouths on why they are not succeeding, you would most likely hear sentences and words that made excuses about their DNA. For example, I was talking to a great lady the other day and she was asking me for advice on succeeding in home business. I asked her what she thought her biggest problem was and she told me it was because nobody in her family has ever been good at sales. After much talk with this lady I told her that she’s using her past to dictate her future. She thinks that because everybody in her family prior to her was no good at sales, that’s why she’s failing. I call it the DNA excuse. There are many more examples, but I’ll keep it simple for now. My advice is to not let your past DNA get in the way of your success.

As I was sitting around really pondering this over the weekend, I realized another important factor that HOLDS PEOPLE BACK FROM SUCCESS IS what others have told them they can do or cannot do. Several times I’ve had conversations with people in the home business industry and I’ve heard them say so and so said this doesn’t work, or I’ve heard them say they heard this from this person. I like to call this not only an EXCUSE to validate their failure, but I like to call it a mind virus. A virus is something that is planted in a subject or thing then it infiltrates the subject or thing and then it spreads. Many people in general not only in the home based business industry operate with this excuse. In fact, I feel this is the main killer for our dreams. Somebody tells us one thing and it then gets installed in our minds and we then in return spread it to others. It’s a big virus of nonsense. It’s all limiting beliefs. I like to say that 1 + 1 is only one if you believe it is. In order to create success you must change your mind and understand that what you hear from others is not always the best advice and for your best interests. Next time somebody tells you something, question their source: you’ll throw them for a loop.

The last of the three is what I call The Brain Excuse. Many times we talk with people whether it be in the home business industry or your best friend and we hear them basically tell themselves how dumb they are or how uneducated they are. You’ll hear people say, “I can’t do this because I’m not that good with numbers.” Right off the bat this person has just given themselves a reason to fail. Little do they know that the brain is like plastic and it can remold and mold itself all the time. If we could just stop stopping ourselves by telling ourselves how uneducated and dumb we are then we would all start to understand how much easier things start to become. It’s almost like our world starts to tilt our way. The next time you hear yourself getting ready to cut yourself down think twice because it will do you more harm than good I promise.

In conclusion, I feel the reason for so many of our failures is the fact that we need to make so many excuses of why we do or don’t do something. My advice is stop letting others tell you what you can do and what you can’t do and step into a place where you’re following your desires and not somebody else’s desires. The home business industry is only tough if you think it’s tough. Don’t let excuses of your past and what others tell you can do or can’t do hold you back.

Small Business Marketing – Do You Have What it Takes to Explode Your Sales 3 Tips

Small Business owners who do not take advantage of business and marketing strategies that will explode their sales, simply do not know about Joint venture marketing.

In Fact Price Waterhouse Cooper said that 32 percent of the fastest growing businesses use this business strategy to help them with their business goals. Common Wealth Alliance say 25 percent of all revenue or 40 trillion dollars per year is from joint ventures. Shouldn’t your business be benefiting from it too?

If you are a small, medium or large business and are still only using a “Competition marketing model” your business will probably die within 5 years because of the lack of connections and clients. Now, former competitive businesses are teaming up and becoming colleagues, this is replacing the old business model of the “competitive marketing strategy.”

With joint ventures or (JV’s) you are teaming up with a business, group or person in an alliance for the purpose of creating or expanding a market or presence in the market place. You can use a JV to influence or create credibility through an association with others. This helps your business lower risk, lower marketing costs, creates long term alliances, provides better client service, creates massive wealth faster and helps stabilize your business through all economic weather.

Joint ventures are the business trend right now and will be for a long time in the future. Sadly, most entrepreneurs only know one joint venture marketing strategy to explode their success.

Here are 3 reasons learning to do Joint Ventures will explode your business sales.

Build your global business directory

Connections and alliances are key in the new business economy. If you are not utilizing them you are taking the no road or slow road to business success. Joint Ventures are helping companies of all sizes in emerging markets all around the world connect and acquire critical new technology or perhaps new intellectual property or resources that can be hard to obtain any other way. Even if a large company has plenty of cash, joint ventures are the easiest way for them to acquire these new products, expertises and new territories.

Your Network = your net worth.

Everyone who is business savvy right now understand that their network = their net worth. However, the definition has changed. It’s not just your client network that is important to maintaining long term growth and stability in your business. When you understand the Joint Venture formula you will understand the power and profit potential of having a business network too. It is a way for you to grow a stable, economically sound business for the long term. You must develop both networks.

Optimizing the referral market

We all know the strongest form of credibility is a client testimonial. It is big business right now to have them. Yet, when you begin to implement the Joint Venture business strategy you can grow your business overnight by utilizing thousands of referrals now. Gone are the days of someone telling two friends, who tell two friends, who tell two friends. With the internet, blogging and teleseminars one person tells a network of a thousand people who tells another network of a thousand people. This can transform your business overnight when you learn to how to do it properly.

Joint Ventures help companies share the risk and make your business more bullet proof too.
The power of the joint venture is that it enables everyone, who wants to use joint ventures as a business tool, to create a business with, instant access to clients, endorsements, alliances, and low risk. It is inexpensive to use and yet creates massive wealth. We have not yet even begun to scratch the surface of what can be done with joint ventures. In the future, joint ventures will prove to the business standard that is the easiest way to develop your business aspirations.