How to Explode Your Network Marketing Business Overnight

Did you know that you can literally explode your network marketing business overnight by utilizing some simple strategies that will leverage your teams money to grow your business? Well, there are and it is called a team co-op.

We are going to discuss two different types of co-ops here today. The first one is called direct linking. The advantages of using of direct linking is speed. You put each team members link in a url rotator and the rotator sends everybody traffic automatically, but you can only do this with small teams of 100 or less.

The disadvantage of direct linking is that there is no perpetual traffic flow. There is no realtionship built with the prospects that come in. You have less control over who signs up and over the long term the ROI is low.

The second network marketing system is the perpetual co-op. With a perpetual co-op you will set up your teams lead capture page instead of sending them to everybody’s company duplicated website.

The advantages of this type of co-op is that you can now built a list of prospects that you can build a relationship with and also sell affiliate products to that you can put back into the teams advertising fund.

Some more advantages is that there is consistent traffic flow and there is more income generated. You only do this with larger teams. The disadvantages is that there is a longer setup time, more physical administrative time, and more complex.

Here are some traffic sources for your network marketing co-op:

-PPC(only with perpetual co-ops)
-Newsletter ads
-Banner ads
-Text Links

If you want to learn more on how to explode your network marketing business overnight and how to get leads for free to make major money online make sure you read and follow the instructions in the resource box below.