How to Launch an eBook Publishing Business Overnight With a Small Budget

Let me outline what you’ll need to get started. You will need a word processing program. This is necessary to create your eBooks. There are free and paid versions of word processing programs, but both will typically get the job done. You will need a website. That means purchasing a domain name, and getting yourself a hosting account. Nowadays this is very easy and inexpensive to do. I’ve got a list of great places where you can get both hosting and a domain name very cheaply. You’re going to need a way to create a simple web page. This sound a lot harder and more complicated than it really is. There are tricks and tactics that I’m familiar with that allow virtually anyone to get a simple web page on the Internet without having to spend weeks learning technical stuff. You will also need a payment processing system. That’s a fancy way of saying you’ll need a way for people to be able to give you money in exchange for the eBook that they’re buying from you. So far, so good? Those are the raw ingredients.

Here’s what you’ll do next. First you’ll find people who are looking for a solution to a problem. You will check to see if there are people making money selling information to these people. Some topics to consider are health, nutrition, and dieting. People are always looking for – and paying for – advice and information as it relates to the aforementioned topics. There are lots of others. Be creative, think about what some of your own needs and problems might be. Second, you’ll create an eBook that solves someone problem or at the very least provides them with a viable solution to a perceived problem. This is easier than you might realize because by studying the table of contents of books that have already been written about the subject you will have a decent outline of what you will want to talk about within the pages of the eBook itself. If this is your first eBook, make it short and to the point. Between 40 and 60 pages in length, maximum. Third, you’ll create a simple web page that basically tells prospective customers what you’ve got, what it will do for them, and how they can buy what you’re selling. Focus on the benefits. Finally, you will send targeted traffic to your web page. The result is that you’ll make money.

Naturally there’s only so much that can be covered in a single article. But now you know how easy it is to get started in the information publishing business. Here’s a little bonus tip: always sell what’s already selling. That means looking at what seems to be popular and selling well, and then selling similar information to the same buyers. In many markets, people buy multiple products about a particular topic or subject. Just ask anyone who is interested in dieting and weight loss. Odds are they have an entire bookshelf full of information about how to lose weight.