How to Make Extra Money Online – 3 Awesome Tips to Supercharge Your Online Business Overnight

Just the other day, my close buddy Jim gave me a call “Dude, I have been fired” and needless to say, he was very upset. It affected me as well because with the economy in tantrums, it makes living even more difficult.

Fortunately this is an era where you can make a full time living online. Here are 3 awesome tips on how to make extra money online.

1. Viral Marketing: Are you a computer program or are you an expert in any niche or do you know information in any topic that can be of great use to people? If so, you have all it takes to make a killing online. And the great thing about providing something of value to people is that once they like it, they will be such raving fans of your content that you need very little marketing from your end.

Here are some examples of viral marketing concepts.

a. Design Widgets Online- These can be widgets like pregnancy counter widgets, calendar widgets, weight loss widgets etc.

b. Free Reports- These can be on any topic that people are interested in and more importantly on topics that they are willing to spend money on.

2. Creating Information Products: You can sell information products online on a variety of topics. The most important thing is to make sure that you are writing for a buying market. Some examples of these markets are weight loss, dating, business and consultation, skincare etc. You can sell these information products in the form of pdf reports, audios, videos, offer seminars etc.

3. Selling Other People’s Products: By selling other people’s products, you can quickly jumpstart your business by earning some quick cash online. There are programs that allow you to sell other people’s products and send you timely payments as well.

Some of these programs are

a. Clickbank
b. Amazon
c. eBay
d. Commission Junction