Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing

Introduction and objectives of the Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing

* Building professionals able to successfully meet the responsibilities and Sales and Marketing decisions in their professional development.
* To provide the skills that enable professional align and coordinate the functions and activities of the company’s business area.
* Integrate the vision and overall business objectives with policies and strategies for marketing, sales.
* Develop the participant’s ability to lead and coordinate work teams with maximum efficiency.
* To train the participants in the analysis of reality within the current process of continuous change, who knows how to select, develop and implement the Sales and Marketing strategies in line with the organization’s business plan and become familiar with new models and techniques marketing in order to decide which are the best in every situation.
* To provide the participants with the mindset and skills that allow them to develop, implement and manage the business and marketing plans.

Aimed at
* University graduates who wish to develop their career in the area of marketing and business management in order to assume positions of great responsibility in this area of business
* Professional companies willing to develop, build and strengthen their knowledge in the area.

* The Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing is divided into different modules, integrated in turn by various subjects appropriate to the powers that aspire to the participant.
* Travel through program modules makes the participant acquires, a progressive, knowledge and skills required to become a professional expert in the area: MA.
* The Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing of is configured, without doubt, the most comprehensive on the market.

* Ability to analyze and interpret the basic principles of operating environments and markets.
* Ability of pose and perform a market research and sources of information necessary for sound decision-making.
* Ability to learn the various techniques of data analysis. Knowing how to correctly select the most appropriate research technique to each case filed. Know the parameters for evaluating the validity of a source and quality of a study.
* Ability of perform diagnostic targets and action plans in respect thereof.
* Ability to understand and manage the basics of marketing and marketing processes and organizational structure.

* Ability of approach and develop appropriate strategies to achieve goals in the process of business planning and marketing.
* Ability to study the processes of clients and relationship marketing management and development of specific techniques.
* Ability to organize and integrate the key functions that make the business of the company.
* Ability to propose and carry out negotiation processes.
* Ability to recognize and integrate the areas of corporate organization establishing the formation and teamwork.
* Ability to structure, configuration and management of the company’s commercial organization.
* Ability to develop strategies and management of personal communication and media.
* Ability to select and adapt strategies and techniques in various functional areas of business and environment and market circumstances.